They’re not actually trying — they define themselves as a privacy company more than a media unblocking service. CyberGhost has hundreds of US servers capable of seamlessly accessing US content including Netflix and Hulu from any location. It’s also more stable when streaming HD content from Netflix.

While that does raise the potential issue of third party access, it’s not necessarily a problem as most VPNs don’t own all their servers in every location. The company says its further hardening servers, which is good to see. Other companies, like NordVPN and SurfShark are working to take their servers diskless, making it far more difficult for the hardware to be seized by nefarious forces. The total number of servers is not a great indicator of performance, since a VPN will probably spin servers up and down as needed. Still, it’s worth noting that Private Internet Access has over 3,000 servers. Only ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, and TorGuard VPN can boast cracking 3,000 servers, while CyberGhost and NordVPN have over 5,000 each.

Moreover, it has a kill switch option and prevents DNS leaks. CyberGhost cyberghost vs private internet access protects your privacy with OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP protocols.

The speed test results are compared by calculating the average speed of all the tested countries. So, the data is quite severely influenced by drops from the furthest locations. However, this gives you a better way to compare NordVPN and CyberGhost. We aim to ensure that all the information & prices are accurate, but we can’t guarantee that they are up to date at all times. TOP 50 VPN project cares deeply about your online privacy & safety.

A split tunnel enables you to whitelist certain applications and exclude them from the vpn so that they operate normally. In some of these instances, say for your internet banking application, you might want to be able to exempt them from having their traffic channelled through your vpn tunnel. Like we already saw earlier, some applications are sensitive and will not like the strange IPs that your vpn provides. CyberGhost and Private Internet Access both have a kill switch in their apps that will ensure that you can only access the internet when you are connected to your vpn. If you are looking for a vpn that supports a dedicated IP then I recommend CyberGhost. If you are looking for a vpn app that has a malware and adware blocker then I recommend either CyberGhost or PIA. If you are looking for a vpn that supports more connection protocols then I recommend PIA.

Outstanding Features​

PIA, however, is a reliable budget VPN with some great features for the price. Unfortunately, it’s dragged down a little by geoblock bypassing problems and inconsistent speeds on some servers. PrivateVPN also offers a reliable VPN service, however, with many features and exceptional customer support. Surfshark may not be as popular as Private Internet Access yet, but their similarities in features and pricing make this a very close competition. Does a new British Virgin Islands-based VPN have the power to beat an established provider? With 3,800+ servers and more available protocols (including L2TP/IPSec), it’s the VPN with better variety. For example, its smaller network of just over 500 servers spans 50 countries, compared to PIA’s 33 countries.

On the other hand, it seems that the industry is moving towards these goals, and hopefully, we’ll have to update those two rows in the future. When it comes to server coverage, both VPN providers have thousands of servers worldwide,, but Trading Platforms of 2020 PIA has way more thousands. Private Internet Access is run by London Trust Media, a US company – also not great for privacy. On the plus side, PIA has a court-proven no-logging policy and offers way more anonymous payment options.

CyberGhost’s desktop app is user-friendly, simplistic, and gets straight to the point. The settings menu is fairly barebones, however, with just a handful of configuration options to choose from. PIA and CyberGhost both offer automatic malware scanning and ad-blocking. This makes either service a strong choice for less tech-savvy users.

cyberghost vs private internet access

It’s pretty intuitive to use, so most users will quickly find their way around the app. However, I did notice that during tests, the speeds never exceeded 40 Mbps (5 MB/s). So, they must be using some throttling measures to save their server’s bandwidth capacity. There aren’t any dedicated peer-to-peer servers or special security features for torrenters. You can establish a P2P on any server in PIA’s network, so torrenting is fair game, no matter where in the world you are or where you want to connect. Combined with the speed and security of PIA, it’s one of the better options for digital pirates. Speed determines how fast content uploads, so if you’re torrenting or streaming, you want the speed to be somewhat identical to your regular internet speed.

Security: Which One Is The Safest?

I hope this PIA vs CyberGhost comparison has helped you learn about the pros and cons of these two vpns. If you are looking for a vpn that supports Bitcoin payments then I recommend either PIA or CyberGhost. In order to ensure you give as little information about as possible, you should choose a vpn that supports anonymous payments methods as they don’t require a billing address. As you can see, CyberGhost is a cheaper vpn and also offers longer subscription plans if you don’t want to be bothered by renewing your plans every year that comes. If you want a vpn that will work in China then I don’t recommend either CyberGhost or PIA because these vpns are blocked in China. China bans the use of vpns, so their firewall is able to detect any vpn traffic and block it. If you are considering someday using your vpn from inside China then you should know that not all vpns work in China.

ExpressVPN offers three simple plans with one suitable for all needs. is the winner for customer support thanks to the huge variety of options, including live chat. As for other types of support, we could only find an email option. However, as you might have guessed, this means waiting for a reply after filling in the form. Even worse, the support team isn’t exactly there 24/7, so don’t expect to get help whenever you need it. We were amazed to find that the provider does offer live chat on the website. ExpressVPN’s support will respond literally in a few seconds, whereas, PIA’s support is a lot slower.

We’re particularly please to see the addition of live chat as a support option. PIA resisted chat for years, likely due to the enormity of their subscriber base. And it’s not just low-level support, ethereum I was able to troubleshoot a technical setup question via chat relatively quickly. While you get both the OpenVPN and Wireguard protocol, you’ll lose the split-tunneling capability.

OpenVPN is also supported and so are a few other protocols. But when it comes to privacy, we would give a slight edge to CyberGhost, which operates from Romania. Although it’s an EU country, Romania has some solid privacy protection laws that go beyond what the EU is mandating. This round is a tie, as sometimes we got faster Internet speeds with CyberGhost and sometimes – PIA took the crown. Still, we would have to say that PIA is slightly faster which we think has something to do with their recently launched NextGen network.

cyberghost vs private internet access

Private Internet Access also boasts thousands of servers located in numerous countries around the world. They brag about having 16,078 servers, which we doubt is true. The provider stands out as being among the very few who are able to offer servers that work in high censorship countries and overcome Netflix blocks. Being able to offer a wide choice of servers is essential for a VPN, so the users can overcome censorship and geo-restrictions. comes out ahead in this ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access round.

Both VPNs are easy to set up and use, but CyberGhost VPN offers more apps and is compatible with NAS devices. I like that CyberGhost offers a free trial, but it probably won’t be long enough for you to make up your mind. Besides, it works on desktop only, and you will probably want to see how smooth the mobile apps are. On the other hand, Private Internet Access can give you more Mbps when downloading, especially if we compare the results from a full month. It would be naive to think that a VPN company would own many servers, not to mention have them all RAM-only.

Nordvpn Vs Private Internet Access (pia) Comparison

After doing so searches I found the article on Redit about how shady Kape was. The activities of Kape Technologies are based on the idea of creating a global structure that would ensure security and privacy on the Internet. In the screenshot, all the important test results that confirm the security of this app are marked in green. It is the OpenVPN UDP protocol, encrypted traffic, and the match between the IP address shown in the app window and the IP address of the VPN channel. It increases the period the device can work with the VPN on. Its functionality is mediocre but it’s enough to solve most tasks.

cyberghost vs private internet access

TCP is a good choice in some situations, which we’ll get into in the next section. OpenVPN is usually the best choice, as you can see in our VPN protocol breakdown. Considering all of the data, we have more questions than answers. AES can take advantage of many cores, and we assume that’s what’s going on here. Still, both are based on a 128-bit block size, so there shouldn’t be such a stark performance improvement.

Although both providers’ Linux versions aren’t too spectacular, NordVPN provided much better support for more distributions. While CyberGhost didn’t have up to date guides or setups on their official website. Neither VPN service has overly complicated pricing schemes. The primary factor will be duration, with the upside to save more if you cryptocurrencies opt-in for a longer plan. CyberGhost has submitted their service for independent audits in the past, but none recently. The company does release a transparency report every 3 months, covering police requests, malware flags, and DMCA complaints. Meanwhile, NordVPN has passed several audits, where their logging policy was verified by PwC .

I use NordVPN for over a year now and I have nothing to complain about, many locations to choose from, good speed, works with torrenting, etc. Just sometimes have issues connecting to Amazon prime, but after retrying several times it eventually works. Speaking of smart living — growing up in the (at-the-time) per-capita murder capital of the U.S. taught her a thing or two about the need for personal and home safety. Sally stays on top of all the latest gadgets and services to protect her and her teenage daughters from potential predators and thieves. SaferVPN gets overall excellent user reviews, and they offer a solid, highly encrypted service with good customer service. Another plus — they’re located in Israel, which has very strict privacy laws.

  • Private Internet Access is based in the US and operates under US legal jurisdiction.
  • Unfortunately, neither Private Internet Access nor CyberGhost vpn is able to bypass the great firewall of China.
  • Hotspot Shield’s Free plan only gives you access to their U.S. virtual server, and there are daily bandwidth limits.
  • Despite being located in a privacy-unfriendly jurisdiction, PIA keeps no logs.
  • As far as customer support is concerned, I didn’t need to contact them for either provider while writing my CyberGhost vs. Private Internet Access post.

Private Internet Access doesn’t offer much in the way of add-ons. You won’t be able to purchase static IP addresses as you can with NordVPN. Previously, a Private Internet Access subscription let you use up to five devices with the service, which is average for the industry. After increasing its price, Private Internet Access VPN also increased the number of devices you can use simultaneously to 10, beating NordVPN’s six and tying with IPVanish.

Nordvpn Vs Vyprvpn

Moreover, the VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to try out the service. The average connection speeds of ExpressVPN in the U.S stood at 35.77 Mbps. A negligible 7% loss from the unprotected connection speed. With PIA, we registered a whopping 20% speed loss, since it averaged 30.77 Mbps.

In today’s troubling privacy climate, it makes sense to protect yourself on all fronts. Even if you have a VPN to protect your online usage, you’re still vulnerable to hackers.